What is the point of this blog?

The Daily Flywheel is a site I made as a commitment to write every day. After graduating from college, my writing output dropped to nil – as a result, I noticed my communication skills have also decreased significantly. I often pause to think of the right word to use in a sentence, and I’m restricted to using basic vocabulary. Compared to writing, speaking isn’t at all self reflective. When I write, I spend more time composing my thoughts and editing my message to get my point across. By committing to write a daily blog, I ensure a certain amount of practice on a continual basis, which is essential to improvement. It isn’t really meant for public consumption, but feel free to read it anyways.

What’s the deal with the flywheel?

The flywheel is corporate mumbo jumbo for a virtuous cycle. The idea is, I can create a feedback loop of success through positive inputs. Those positive inputs fuel further success and become self sustaining. That’s what I’m hoping to do with my writing.