2020 Year in Review

2020’s just about wrapped up, so I figured I’d do a review of the year. Looking at my total posts… I’d say my writing hasn’t been a priority lately – I’ve posted a grand total of 5 times this year. That wasn’t even covid related – I started (and stopped, lol) a daily writing habit in a journal at some point during the pandemic shut in. I just didn’t put those ideas on the blog because it was more of a daily journaling activity to generate ideas and track my daily mental state, more than fully fledged blog posts. So let’s get to the wins and missteps for the year:


  • Kept up my language lesson habits. Consistently studied at least one hour a day on average. I haven’t counted the total for the year, but I do know that the Covid lockdowns have increased the amount of classes I’ve taken regularly. I’d estimate I’ve taken somewhere in the range of ~400 classes this year.
  • Started a new job with an according pay increase.
  • Got to work remotely, something I’ve always wanted to try. It’s not bad!
  • Started singing classes. Feel more confident singing now, which is something I’ve always been interested in.
  • Started daily journaling for a few months, but also stopped journaling, so I chalk it up to a net even overall. Something worth picking back up in 2021.
  • Started learning Hindi. I chalk this up as a win, despite being a beginner at the language. After all, everyone’s gotta start somewhere – taking the first step is still an achievement.
  • Started cooking more, due to covid keeping everyone at home
  • Bought a car and became comfortable with driving. I’ve spent so long avoiding driving, that when I started again, I was surprised to learn how much I enjoy just cruising along listening to one of my song playlists. I genuinely like driving now. This is a marked change from how I previously feared driving and actively identified as a bad driver. Now, while I’m not a Nascar driver, I can get around competently.

Bad Stuff:

  • Covid, lmao
  • Gained a bunch of weight, heaviest now than I’ve ever been. Also due to living a more sedentary life due to covid. Just recently started exercising again and seeing results, though. Still chalking it up as a loss because overall I’m down for the year.
  • Haven’t kept up with my blog at all. Last post is from May, and before that… January. Though now that enough time has passed, maybe I can go through my journal entries with fresh eyes to mine for blog posts to write about there.
  • Haven’t really contemplated or acted on any long term plans. I did maintain my language learning habit, which is nice, but I haven’t even considered what the end goals I’m striving for re: language learning. I just keep attending classes because I’ve already become accustomed to it, and chatting with my tutors for an hour is a nice escape from my current covid prison.

Outside of my wins/losses, I have a couple of goals to shoot for next year:

  • Take Amy Hoy’s 30×500 course and build an info product. I may be looking for employment in the near future, but I also want to create my own independent income stream so that I’m not trapped in my local situation.
  • I have a game project collaboration with a friend. That’s more of a hobby thing – not really my passion – more just helping out a friend. I think progress on this will vary largely based on what my friend wants/expects and their timeline for delivering stuff, since they’re the ones doing all the specs. I’m just there to rubber duck the writing and stuff.
  • Start a language learning podcast. Kind of vague on the details here, but I don’t want to write up my plan and jinx it.
  • Not a concrete goal, but a general direction change: I should reevaluate my language learning methods. While I’m still progressing, I do generally feel that my learning has plateaued – I can make much more language gains if I tinker with my process instead of going through the motions. I’ve just been too lazy because what I’m doing is comfortable and even though progress is slow, I’m still improving. I just don’t think the return on investment is particularly great at the moment.

To be honest, even though 2020 has been described as a hell year and has admittedly been an unusual time period, I haven’t really suffered as much compared to most people. I think for normal people, their lives are markedly worse under covid, either due to quality of life problems or their surrounding network has been negatively affected as a result of covid. While this year certainly hasn’t been better than most, I’d say that since I’m already mostly a homebody, my quality of life has just degraded one degree instead of an entire order of magnitude like some other with more interesting social lives. This isn’t meant to be a brag – when I think about it, it’s more of a call to action to start getting out and participating in society. I certainly don’t want to be a neckbeard forever, even if it comfortable and easy. Here’s to a better 2021! Hopefully I can look back and see some big accomplishments!

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