The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: A Cuckolding in Three Parts

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is currently available on Amazon prime. It’s a good show. You should watch it. Having said that, it’s a thoroughly cucked show. How so?

  • Mrs. Maisel is a cuck, in the classical sense. Her husband has an affair behind her back and follows up by leaving her.
  • Mr. Maisel is emotionally cucked by Mrs. Maisel stealing his dream from him. All this time, he has this trumped up idea that he’s a wonderful comedian who’s gonna make it big, but Midge is the one who turns out to have any real talent in comedy. Not to mention how she inadventently digs the knife in deeper by basically throwing away all her ambition to support his shitty comedian act, in which he blatantly steals jokes he heard from better comics.
  • The audience gets cucked. The previews give the impression the show is a power fantasy about the empowerment of women and how they pull themselves up by the bootstraps in a patriarchal society through their own merit. It turns out, in Mrs Maisel’s world, raw talent is nowhere near enough to succeed. Outside of being a woman, Mrs Maisel gets every possible break that can be afforded to her in this universe. 1) She already has a talent for standup – a spark of goodness that can be harnessed into something further. 2) She’s rich 3) She has a support network that can watch her kids for her, freeing her up to do shit 4)Her husband supports her (that is, even when they get divorced he doesn’t do anything to try to impede her career. In a patriarchal society, there’s no guarantee that her career isn’t subject to the whims of her husband. He could simply stop paying child support if he really wanted to be a dick.) This also frees her up so she’s not obligated to work – she can spend time honing her craft 5)She is a fox. That naturally pulls in some charisma. Look at Susie Myerson for the contrast – she’s supposed to be able to spot talent and also supposed to be funny or something? But because she looks like a troll she’s stuck in the Gaslight idling her hours away. 6) She’s White, lol.  At least she only has one type of prejudice working against her. Imagine if the forces of intersectional prejudice were arrayed against her – Midge would really be up shit creek.

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