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I’ve been watching some OG Trek recently and noticed some niggling issues that I wanted to address.

There’s too many references to current knowledge. For example, the episode “Who Mourns for Adonais” is all about the Greek pantheon of gods from ancient earth history. It’s a cultural touchstone for western culture, but I’d imagine that Trek time thousands of years into the future would have a different set of cultural touchstones, and therefore this would be a bit obscure. I’d prefer that Trek would keep to more evergreen topics instead of having callbacks like this.

In the episode “Mirror, Mirror”, Kirk and co. are warped to parallel universe Trek where the federation is an evil empire that enslaves other nations. Evil Spock is denoted by his goatee. Evil Kirk is also transplanted to OG Trek world, and is detained instantly by normal Spock, who realizes something’s off. Evil Kirk’s reaction? “Why are you imprisoning me? Where’s your beard?” At least Evil Kirk has his priorities in order. Also funny to me that despite being in a bizarro evil universe, Kirk is still bros with evil Spock and can spare some time to have heart to heart. The funniest part of the episode was how Jim still had all this time to seduce Marlena despite the time crunch and being in this environment where everyone wanted to kill him. Normal Kirk also has his priorities in order.

Amok Time:  wherein Spock is dying because he can’t bust a nut. But his symptoms magically go away after he believes he’s killed Jim. Very strange to contemplate overall: basic Vulcan biology requires them to either kill someone or fuck someone every ten years or they die, I guess. Also, for such a logical race, their explanations are a bit lacking: even though Jim had the right to deny the death match with Spock as an outsider, T’pau and co. never bothered to explain that he was accepting a fight to the death in the first place. What’s the point of trying to be fair if you’re not going to both ameliorating the information asymmetry?

Basically, Old Trek has some problems, but everything does, really.

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