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Life Goals Reevaluation, December 2017 Edition

Ooof, it’s been about… 4 months since my last post? I’d already been posting less frequently too, so not a good look. Well, what’s done is done. Might as go for something hefty while I’m back: Seeing how much I accomplished this year. Also makes sense to do another reevaluation since my July post, since it’s the end of the year. Also, it’s the demarcation point for me moving countries.

Low hanging fruit

  • Lose weight (5-10 pounds) ( I say low hanging fruit, but I’d guess trying to drop this weight for good would take a few months at least to permanently adjust my diet to reduce calorie intake) – Surprisingly enough, I hit this goal and then some. I started doing BJJ since I’ve moved to China and I’ve lost like 20 pounds since then. I don’t track it too closely anymore, but judging by the mirror, I haven’t regained the weight yet. I could probably lose more if I paid more attention to my diet, too.
  • Establish emergency savings fund – This one is a no go. I’m currently living off my savings while I’m studying abroad, so I’m doing the opposite of establishing a savings fund.  My money’s slowly running out!
  • Keep blogging on a weekly basis – Er…. whoops. Let’s see if I can bring this one back on track. I’ll shoot for a minimum of one blog post a week, much less strict than before.

Ambitious/Long term goals

  • Learn to play an instrument or sing – No go.
  • Learn to draw – I tried working on this a bit: I started on this drawing series but never got past drawing lines. However, to be fair, my line drawing abilities are way better than they were before. The secret is to draw from the shoulder, apparently.
  • Publish a book – I haven’t even attempted to do this one.
  • Keep blogging on a near-daily basis – See above. Near daily might be shooting a bit too high, but I guess since it’s a long term goal it’s a good idea to try to aim higher.
  • Learn a new language – I’ve made some decent progress towards this one. I’m currently studying at a Chinese university to learn Mandarin. Having said that, I kinda half assed it by the end of the semester and stopped showing up to classes. But judging by my own understanding, I’d say overall my Chinese has improved by a bit since moving here.
  • Live in a foreign country (Though it could also be relatively short term – I could easily uproot my life any time within the upcoming months to the next year if I quit my job) – Boom. Hit this one. Currently living in China. Nice place. Considering checking out other places as well before I settle back down in the US.
  • Lose weight (40-50 pounds) – See above goal. I’m about at the half way mark. It was a lot easier than I expected, because I didn’t make any lifestyle change in terms of diet to lose weight. The problem with this, however, is my weight will only stay off as long as I keep doing BJJ. The next phase to lose weight is to amend my diet.That one’s a bit more long term in vision for sure. Ideally, I want to start cooking regularly, so diet changes will be as simple as cooking a different meal.
  • Own a home – Currently not a priority.
  • Run the Iditarod – Currently not a priority.
  • Start my own business – Currently not a priority. I still think this would be interesting to try, though. Most achievable while I have free time and lack of other things tying me down like a mortgage/kids/marriage/etc.
  • Ability to do sik flips™ (This is something I’ve always wanted to be able to do, but it was on the back burner because I never did anything to progress towards this goal.) I think if I wanted to break this down, the first step on the path would be to start losing weight. Second, which would also complement weight loss, is picking up regular exercises that would be conducive to doing flips. – Haven’t made any progress. However, I do think the first step to being able to achieve sik flips™ is hitting a more ideal weight target, so I’ve indirectly made some progress towards this goal. Maybe if I hit around 180 I can start practicing.
  • Dance, maybe? This one kinda came out of left field for me. I read an internet post about tango being popular in my area, so that might be something I pick up for the sake of socialization and as a way to get out of the house. Plus, it’s always good to have diverse interests. It’s not something I feel strongly about now, but it’s good to keep an open mind. I might end up really liking it. – Haven’t made progress.
  • Pick up a sport. This one may or may not help with the flipping. I’m interested in picking up BJJ or some kind of combat sport like Muay Thai. I’ve actually been pretty on and off on this. I used to go to a sports fitness class, but I quit at some point because I got too lazy to go. – Hit this one. I’ve been attending a BJJ class fairly regularly, probably about three times a week on average. Actually, I stopped going for maybe the past two weeks, so I should probably pick this one back up.
  • Improve public speaking. Maybe go to Toastmasters? – I haven’t been to toastmasters, but I’ve been getting some indirect practice with this. I’ve been talking to strangers a lot more in order to improve my small talk. I’d say I’ve somewhat become more comfortable talking in group settings and breaking the ice now.
  • Grab a bag of corn nuts and bust a nut – This goes without saying.

I’ve got one more goal to add:

  • By end of 2018, I’ll have gone on twelve dates. I choose twelve because it’s one a month. Relatively low, but enough that I can’t just try to wait it out and cram them in at December. I’ve been out of the dating game for a long time now, but I recently went on a date and it wasn’t a complete disaster (besides the girl bringing in her guy friend to accompany her… hmm, this actually sounds pretty bad. I guess it was a bad date. Well, more like it transitioned from being a date to more of a friend’s outing. So unexpected, but still was a fun night.)

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