On Culture Fit

I’ve been on a bit of a culture kick recently – how to propagate an organization’s culture, how to prevent culture takeover, and onboarding newcomers to your existing culture. It really interests me because of how general this concept is – it’s applicable to any group that grows beyond a single person.

I’ve also been looking for a cheap, good value server to use as a personal virtual private network. As a result, I did some research into my options. One of of the sites I browsed for results is lowendtalk. I saw something pretty funny about the culture there that I wanted to talk about.

I ran into some funny threads that encapsulated the culture of this forum. Basically, some customers complained about the service of their hosting providers, and the overwhelming majority of the other forums posters came out and ragged on the thread starters for expecting the hosting providers to go above and beyond their terms of service. It was actually pretty cool to see shitty customers get their comeuppance, because customers are typically treated as king even when they’re wrong. However, in the field of cheap web hosting, things are reversed. Customers are expected to be savvy to the expectations of the service providers, because at these margins, the onus is on the customer to handle anything other than hardware issues. My current hosting provider for this blog, No Support Linux, actually had a similar review. Customer s for some reason expect managed hosting services at cut rate prices. To me, it’s completely obvious that a customer shouldn’t expect much more than the service provider to keep their machines up and running, because at $1 a month, there isn’t much margin for support. I just find it refreshing to see culture that goes against the norm. Keep up the good work!