May 2017 Update

Damn, it’s been a full months since my last update. There’s a really good reason for that – I’ve been on vacation for half that time, and in that time I haven’t kept up with any of my habits. For me, anyway, vacations are a good way to reset and destroy and preexisting habits I had before leaving. This is both good and bad. Bad, because it destroys my good habits, obviously. I haven’t written a blog post in a month, which I’d definitely characterize as bad. Even after coming back from my vacation, I let the inertia of not writing posts continue on for a couple extra weeks. I’ve also had time to accumulate story fodder. A couple interesting tidbits:

  • Macau has wild dogs everywhere. They’ll try to fuck you up. I know this from experience.
  • Orientals love Baccarat. Apparently, so do I.
  • I’ve always wondered what these things were called:

  • I went to a toy museum. As expected, I saw some pretty old toys. I also saw some pretty weird toys.
  • I have no idea how well this toy sold, but shaving doesn’t seem like that fun of an activity for kids. Maybe I’m wrong.

  • They somehow managed to top it with this terrible idea:

I can’t imagine having that much fun with an alcoholic Wall street fat cat. Well, maybe in real life, but not with a toy.

  • This one’s my favorite:

It’s a surprise robot toy. The surprise is, when you open the helmet, a dinosaur appears. I love the anachronistic nature of this one. The dinosaur’s probably roaring because of its impending¬†existential crisis.

  • I love this guy’s idea of stealth:

  • These last two are presented without comment.


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