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Random Musings on The Next Generation

I think I’ve watched about the first two to three season of The Next Generation, but in the meantime, I’ve accumulated some thoughts about the show:

Data: Sex Robot?

That episode where Data plays at Sherlock Holmes is great. I love the twist at the end where Moriarty turns out not to be a mustache twirling villain, but a living being with agency who is desperately clinging to life. Such a great surprise. Moriarty rolls in going, “Can I live?”

Q is a giant prick. He’s basically omnipotent, but all he ever seems to do is pop in to the Enterprise to fuck with Picard and co. To be fair, though, if I were omnipotent, I’d probably just spend most of my time dicking people about.

Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan seems out of place in the show. She just kinda shows up at some point, and also happens to have some sort of death grudge with Q. I forget why.

Doctor Crush and Captain Picard have pretty good chemistry. It’s really weird how they get rid of Dr. Crusher in season two and replace her with that other doctor whose only purpose is to say, “Fuck you Data, you’re not human” and then disappear back into the sick bay. I guess she also shows up to fix broken bones or cure space cancer when crew members get sick.

Time’s Arrow is full of surprises. I love that scene where Data pulls out a newspaper and is surprised to see Whoop Goldberg on the front page. Also, that guy playing Mark Twain is a laugh riot.

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