On Preventative Care

I recently found out I have a cavity on my top right molar. I only realized this when I ate something cold and an aching pain shot up in my mouth. I went to the bathroom, took a look in the mirror, and pulled back my gums to see the damage. It’s actually pretty severe. This is compounded by me not going to the dentist in several years. In fact, I haven’t even been to the doctor in years either. With the cavity, I’m now more likely to schedule a dentist appointment to address the issue. This brings me to my main point: This could have all been avoided if I took better care of my teeth.

I’ve seriously neglected my oral hygiene and it’s resulted in this cavity. Sure, I brush twice a day, but that’s the bare minimum; I floss irregularly and I don’t bother to limit my sugar intake. As a result, I’m overweight and my teeth are in bad shape.  Why didn’t I just do a better job of preventing the problem? It would’ve been a lot easier to nip this in the bud instead of letting this problem build up to the point where it noticeable impacts me. It’s like a leaving dishes in the sink continuously until it’s completely overflowing and now I have to pay the price. If I just did a better job of maintenance from time to time, I would have suffered less and been better off in the long run. Instead, I’m probably going to have to get a more serious, permanent solution in the form of a cavity or root canal and my teeth are going to be worse off. It’s incredibly short sighted.

When I think of my own shortsightedness, I see how prevalent this attitude is in the outside world, as well. Take a look at the climate change problem: mostly everyone agrees that the earth is heading down a shitty path if we continue with our current trajectory, but we aren’t doing enough collectively to effect real change. It’s as if we’re about to drive off a cliff and everyone in the car made a group effort to slow down the car by one mph. Sure, we’ve done a little bit to alleviate the issue, but we’re still going to drive off the cliff – it’ll just take us a little bit longer.

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