On Life Goals

When I think about what I want to have accomplished before dying, I find it hard to come up with ideas. What do I want to have done in my life? It’s to hard to find a purpose, so instead, I’ve removed the ambiguity and came up with some more concrete goals to hit. This is basically a bucket list, but not in the traditional sense – I feel bucket lists have a connotation of being ambitious or cool goals that you’d want to check off, like “run the Iditarod” or “parachute into a volcano”. This bucket list isn’t limited to that, though – it’s probably oging to be catered to more mundane life goals, like “own a home” or “start my own business”. Actually, now that I think about it, I like the idea of splitting the list into small achievable goals that are low hanging fruit, and also ambitious lofty things that require more long term work, so I’m going to go with that instead.

Low hanging fruit

  • Lose weight (5-10 pounds) ( I say low hanging fruit, but I’d guess trying to drop this weight for good would take a few months at least to permanently adjust my diet to reduce calorie intake)
  • Establish emergency savings fund
  • Keep blogging on a weekly basis

Ambitious/Long term goals

  • Learn to play an instrument or sing
  • Learn to draw
  • Publish a book
  • Keep blogging on a near-daily basis
  • Learn a new language
  • Live in a foreign country (Though it could also be relatively short term – I could easily uproot my life any time within the upcoming months to the next year if I quit my job)
  • Lose weight (40-50 pounds)
  • Own a home
  • Run the Iditarod
  • Start my own business
  • Grab a bag of corn nuts and bust a nut

Damn, it’s really hard to come up with concrete, achievable short term goals.

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