On Enjoyment

One thing I try to work on is focusing on the moment. There’s a lot of focus nowadays on being mindfulness and being in the moment. One aspect that I work on is savoring my food. When I eat, I try to pay attention to what I’m eating. What this means in practice is using all of my senses to enjoy the food – the taste, obviously, the aroma, the sensation of the texture in my mouth, taking in the food visually, and even listening to how the food sounds when I’m eating it or breaking it up or whatever. This is really hard to do.

Something I ran into when meditating was having my mind wander constantly. The mindful eating process, for lack a better term, hits some of the same mental muscles. I start wandering within seconds when trying to focus on food. I’ll taste the food, mash it in my mouth a bit, then start daydreaming about some random crap. It’s a hard process to break out of.

Normally, I’d talk about how to work towards improvement to get out of the rut I’d be in, but this is really something that’s going to get solved by practicing more. So I guess I’ll try to keep at it.

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