On Pipelines

One idea I had for keeping up daily blog posts was to build up a pipeline of shovel-ready topics in case I didn’t have any topics to write about that day. Right now, I have 10 unpublished drafts that could be picked up and expounded upon. In theory, this sounds great – in reality, I haven’t picked up those drafts since originally starting them.

My current workflow is to start writing if I come up with an idea. I don’t even bother to log into my blog if I can’t think of anything to write about. When I do look at my blog, I don’t ever feel like working on already drafted ideas. I want to write about something I already happen to have in mind. I think the problem here might be that I my current pipeline is too limited – the topics I do have in mind are pretty similar. It’s about 3-4 actual topics, with variations on that theme for each topic. I think I can ignore this for now; I should revisit this problem in the future if I do have a bigger pipeline (I’m thinking 35+ drafts) and I’m still struggling to pick something up. Another problem is actually building out that pipeline: I don’t really have a process for coming up with new ideas; I usually write up extra blog ideas if I’ve already written my post for the day and I happen to have extra ideas. This is an area that can be massively improved.

I was thinking of carrying a memo pad around to write up any blog ideas that happened to strike at any time. This one’s a bit hard because I forget easily. If I do decide to do this, I’d need to make this a habit to write things down. I’m currently thinknig of other ways to implement this.

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