Februrary Update

I’ve really been lagging on my output recently – I guess after losing my initial burst of motivation, I dropped my posting habit as soon as something interrupted my daily routine. I don’t think there’s any point in assigning blame in skipping my posts, but I do think there’s merit in looking at what I can do in the future to build on this habit and to minimize this kind of damage in the future.

Obstacle one: A need for a post with content. At this point, I’ll settle for anything that comes to mind. From now on, I’m going to keep a strict word count minimum of 200 words. That’s a small enough amount that I can write whatever without having to bother to pad out a post, but it’s enough to expound on a single idea.

Obstacle two: I tend to write these posts right before bed. This makes it really easy for me to skip my post if I’m feeling too sleepy. I’m thinking I should commit to posting before or after dinner.

Obstacle three: Possibly too lofty of a goal? I committed to one post a day, but occasionally I’ll have things come up that keep me occupied the whole day. I might go out to some event or have some life problem get in the way. I’m thinking a commitment to multiple posts a week, but less than seven and more than one.

There are probably more things I can do to improve the process, but for now these have the most immediate impact. Let’s see if I can follow through.

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