On Media Consumption

I’ve been watching a ton of TV recently. Probably since I started my new job, I’ve changed my lifestyle accordingly to veg out on the television after a long day of work. I’m guessing since it’s my first job, I’m not used to focusing so long, because I’m usually pretty wiped out after work. TV doesn’t really require a lot of active thinking, which is probably why I like it. I don’t necessarily think that TV is bad, but the amount of TV I watch is bad. I’m not really productive once I come home. I just space out and relax. I don’t even think there’s anything wrong with pursuing recreational activities, but I do think that I need a better balance of pure recreation like watching TV, and recreational activities that also serve to improve me as a person.

Examples: reading challenging literature. Once again, fluff is fine, but I need to work out my brain in other ways besides at work. When I was in school, I’d read things that would expand my perspective or challenge my worldviews. That’s good to do. I think staying in a comfort bubble has pros and cons, but the cons are huge in the long run. They limit you and what you will see and expect from the world. Maybe listen to podcasts, or some kind of radio. I’d always had a fondness for Planet Money – I’ve recently restarted the habit, but it’s not consistent. Hopefully, this post gives me that jump start I need to build up the habit.

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