Going Off Track

I’ve been missing blog posts recently. I have a laundry list of excuses for why this happened, but the more I think of it, I don’t really know why I missed as many days as I did. At end of the day, the people you’re delivering work to don’t give a shit why you’re late on producing work, and in my case, I should hold myself to the same standard. I think my strong determination to produce posts has waned quite a bit though – after setting a more regular schedule, I don’t really prioritize writing blog posts like I did when I started. I would actually stay up late to finish blog posts, but now I decide to sleep instead of staying up too late. In order to keep up my commitment, I’m going to establish a routine to keep myself accountable. Something like deciding not to brush my teeth until I’ve posted something for the day. Hopefully, this won’t lead to me┬ánever brushing my teeth.

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