New Years Resolutions for 2017

I don’t normally do New Years resolutions, but since I’ve started blogging, a resolutions post would be cool to look back on in a year from now to see what goals I set out with in mind for 2017, so I can look back on what I’ve accomplished and what goals changed over time. Without further ado:

  • Keep up with blogging. My goal is still to write up a blog post every day. There is some flexibility, however: It’s fine if I don’t have 365 posts by this time next year, as long as I’m still regularly blogging by this time next year.
  • I’m interested in starting up one of those project commitments, where I spin up a new project in set intervals. In this case, I’m looking at one project released every two months. As for the scope of the project, that is undefined. If all I do is spin up a landing page, then that’s that. But I’m shooting for a landing page and an MVP for whatever app idea or service I create.
  • Read more. I think I’ve read like one book this year. Also keep track of what books I’ve read, because I don’t even know what I’ve read this year
  • Start meditating again. This is something that I could incorporate again, but I always deprioritize.
  • Build a regular workout schedule. I started this in 2016, but it kinda fizzled over time. Work obligations kinda messed up the time schedule, so I’m moving from a scheduled fitness class with time conflicts to a more flexible weightlifting workout that can be done whenever.

I might update this throughout the year as I find more things to work on.

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