On Advertising, V2

Speaking of advertising, I think the FarmersOnly advertising campaign would make a pretty good case study. I don’t know how effective it’s been, but if my gut is correct, their numbers are probably doing like gangbusters. Here’s the ad I’ve been seeing recently.

What’s so great about it? First, I think it does a fantastic job at qualifying its target demographic. I’d imagine the first thought in a person’s mind when they hear of the website farmers only, is ridicule. A dating site for farmers is a pretty risible concept in the face of modern urban society. But watching the commercial, the ad makers turn this narrative on its head. It instead attacks the stereotypes of modern living, with an effeminate, health conscious guy who’s focused on materialism. What’s their message? You city slickers need to git on outta here. This site’s not for you.  They’ve taken what would ordinarily be a mocked subgroup, ie Rednecks/Country folk, and turned it into an exclusive club. Pretty damn effective messaging.

Second, I think the precision of their targeting is spot on. The common theme in FarmerOnly’s commercials is a rejection of modern living. Even the production values reflect this sentiment. Besides the smartphone in their ads, their commercials could be something produced in the nineties. The commercials are pretty rough around the edges, just like their customer. These aren’t going to be people who care about the slickness of the messaging, it’s the message itself that’s important to them. Making it lower budget makes it appeal more to its target audience, because it’s doing a better job of speaking to their values.

Plus, their jingle is catchy as hell. You don’t have to be lonely, at farmers only dawt cahhhm~~~


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