On Ads

Advertising to minors should be illegal. It’s crazy to look back and see what corporations have been able to get away with. If you think about it, advertising is essentially a low level form of mind control, in which a company will attempt to insert itself or its product into your mind space or get you to associate pleasant connotations with it. Advertising to the young can be a way to lock in a long term consumer while their minds are more impressionable. It’s not about “Protecting the kids” from bad influences like sex and drugs and rock and roll, it’s about having stricter limits on unabashed capitalism. There’s no benefit to society to having forcing ads down kids’ throats.

It’s not about parental responsibility either. To say it’s about having parents take more responsibility for their children is beside the point, which is you are still allowing people to exploit children. Putting the onus on the parent is little more than victim blaming. Anyways, the reason why I thought of this was due to me eating off brand cereal and I immediately thought, “This generic Cap’n Crunch tastes identical to the real thing.” I haven’t seen a cereal commercial in months to years and I could still rattle off all the cereal brands in my local supermarket.

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