On The Wheel

Man, the wheel was such a great invention. I walked to the grocery store today – about one and a half miles. I think I bought somewhere in the range of 30-40 pounds of groceries, which would’ve made for a pretty shitty walk back. Fortunately, there’s a bus line from the grocery store in the direction of my house which dropped me off about half a mile away. I walked the rest of way, but I had to stop to take a break multiple times. Carrying those groceries really made me think of the advancements in transportation that we take for granted on a daily basis. Even a bag is a huge step up compared to directly carrying whatever goods you need to lug around. Without a bag, you’re limited to whatever you can hold in your hands. With a bag, you’re limited by the size of the bag and your endurance. Which brings me to my original point – the wheel.

Carrying groceries made me think of those old Chinese ladies who use those stroller/carts to carry groceries. Having a wheeled cart like that expands your range of travel by an insane margin. Carrying fifty pounds of groceries, I’m guessing the maximum amount of travel would be tiny. You’d have to take constant breaks to rest your hands, which would get tired really fast. If you had a backpack or messenger bag that could support the weight at your hips, your distance would be extended probably double if not more, since it’s a lot easier to carry weight from your base. But pushing around a cart takes a fraction of the effort that carrying the weight would bring. The only real limit is your time and patience. I think my original insight had some more substance behind it, but I put off writing this post for the whole day and I’ve kinda forgotten what it was about. It’s like waking up after a dream – if you don’t document it immediately after waking, you’re going to forget it.

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