Blog idea: Urban exploration

Sometimes I like to spitball ideas for things I’d like to see out in the wild. Bear in mind, I’ve done absolutely no prior research on this topic, so for all I know, this niche has already been fulfilled. The concept is google earth lite: the blog, or google maps street view with a more human touch.

The gist of the blog is to document the walk between two random destinations – say, from work to home. At roughly fifteen miles, the estimate for this walk is about five hours to six hours. I’d map out the route I’d be taking and take pictures of interesting locations along the way. I could write about any notable sites I came across, or any insight that would come to mind. What I like about this concept is that it gives context to the areas that you see on google map. While it’s possible view the same areas using street view, sharing my personal experiences about the same area makes it much more engaging, I think – attaching experiences to locations embeds the geography better in the mind. This isn’t a very practical skill nowadays, since we’ll always be able look up directions on our phones, but the idea’s still fun.

It actually seems kind of beside the point to brand it as teaching a practical application of geography, since I’d be doing it for fun, not to try to make money or fame or whatever. Actually, side projects like these that are almost better being divorced from those kind of issues, because if money or fame is a major factor for running the side project, then if you fail to grow either or these over time, it’ll serve to discourage you from working on it. If it’s done as a passion project, then your enjoyment of the activity will work to sustain it. In my case, I might run into problems because I’d be more interested in actually reading this type of blog than actually maintaining one, which is a ton of work.

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