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On Hobbies and Finding Your Passion

I like the idea of being passionate about something. Having said that, I don’t really have a passion. I do have hobbies, though. For me, hobbies are something that improve the quality of my life in some way – something I can derive satisfaction from, or gain physical or mental benefits. However, they’re optional. I can do without them pretty easily, but they’re nice to have. Is it good to hit the gym? Sure, but I don’t mind skipping a day. I could sit at home and veg out or reddit all day and I would be fine. Not thrilled or anything, but my life would be adequate. Which is why I think the idea of finding my passion is so intoxicating.

When I think of passion, I think of people who are completely encompassed in their hobby to the point that it’s one of if not the main driver in their life. It’s something they actively look forward to or focus on when they wake up in the morning. For me, hobbies are something to break up the filler space while I wait to die. I don’t mean that in the sense that I’m sitting around depressed and waiting for the sweet relief of death. I’d say I’m just being pragmatic about my life in terms of time usage. After all, everyone dies one day. It’s something that you have to consider – best case scenario, you live to somewhere in the range of 70-100 and have a pretty fulfilling life. But in the present day, there are still a bunch of obligations that you have to deal with – money for rent, food, bills, that force you to get a job. You spend a large portion of the day doing something that you probably don’t (actively) enjoy to subsidize the other portions of your life. I think, if I were to die relatively soon, I wouldn’t regret the the time I allocated for my hobbies. It’s a minor pleasantry that improved my life by a marginal uptick. The alternative would’ve probably been reddit, anyways. Or sleep. Actually, I don’t allocate enough time for sleep. I wish I spent less time on reddit/other bullshit on the internet and slept more. Now I want to do a write up on sleep.

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