On The Benefits of Blogging: Total Recall

One benefit of blogging that I’m looking forward to is improved memory recall. While I don’t know if my overall memory will be improved, I will be able to better recall the memories that I’ve written in blog posts, because I’ve spent time wiring them deeper in my brain by examining them in further detail. I had a friend who would write about the food he ate in restaurants to serve the same purpose. I think it’d be especially useful in recalling experiences like taste, visual memory, and so forth – because you’ve linked the writing with the sense, reading what you wrote would probably help you recall the memory with more vivid details – you’d recall the texture, the fragrance, etc. Apparently, writing down your thoughts on the food also gets you better service, because the workers think you’re either

A) A food critic


B) A food blogger, which is basically a food critic who doesn’t get paid by a company to write reviews.

I’d also do something similar with food, but instead of writing down my thoughts, I took pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? It definitely helped me recall things about the food and the memories associated with them, but I think writing about it would’ve imprinted it more deeply in my mind. If I were blogging about food, I’d do both, which would be even better. Too bad this isn’t a food blog, huh?



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