My First Setback!

I broke my posting streak – I think it’s been two days since I wrote my last blog post.  I’m actually writing this blog post at 2:00AM. I had plenty of opportunity to write up my blog post for the previous day, but I kept putting it off because I figured I had plenty of time to do it later. That’s an important takeaway from this – don’t put things off unless I have a good reason. In this case, I had the opposite of a good reason: I just wanted to procrastinate. I don’t feel too bad about skipping out, but one issue I had is still bothering me – I’m having writer’s block. I only wrote up this post now because I had an idea of what to write, however flimsy. But I’m currently stuck. I did actually have a good idea to write up skeleton posts with vague guidelines of what to talk about whenever I came across an interesting thought. I’ve built up a pipeline of about 4-5 back up blog posts. However, I didn’t really feel like expounding on them, because there’s only about two unique themes, with the rest of the posts being variations on that theme. This kind of obviated the purpose of having back up posts – what’s the point of having a backup plan when I never use it? However, thinking more long term,  I’m hoping to build up a big enough pipeline that I can always find something I feel like writing about if I can’t think of something to write about that day. I find this post adequate. I guess not posting worked out in my favor after all.

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